You learn differently,
so we teach differently!

LaunchPad Education is the only ONLINE TEST PREP specifically designed for students with SPECIAL LEARNING NEEDS.

Our tutors want to know all about you and your individual strengths and weaknesses, so we can create a program that’s as unique as you are. We can help you feel prepared and confident on test day, so you’re ready to do your best!

“J. nailed the ACT! Thanks so very much for your tutoring – a 34!!! Wow. J. really enjoyed and benefited from your tutoring” – Anne N., Lexington, KY

Why we are different

Everyone learns differently.

There is no single way to teach a student. Rather, we find the best way to help each student. Yes, we teach test strategies, but we will also:

• Provide one-on-one instruction with a tutor educated in psychology and/or special education.

• Use individualized content review to focus on weak spots and enhance strengths to maximize your score and potential.

• Create a customized test strategy plan tailored for the needs of each student.

• Listen to and understand individual needs and match students with tutors that are an ideal fit.

• Focus on progress and improvement for students of every level. Numbers are not the only measure of success.

• Accomplish more in one hour than traditional classes can do in three.

We work with all students, worldwide.


Our tutors are part of your child’s educational team.

Who We Help

Students with:


• Dyslexia

• Other learning disabilities

• Medical needs

• Anxiety

Students who are:

• Athletes (learn more here)

• Artists and performers

• Future engineers

• Math whizzes and word nerds

Students who need:

• A tutor who “gets” them

• Flexibility in scheduling

• Access to specialized tutors who aren’t available locally

• A more supportive learning environment

Are you an educational consultant, counselor or teacher? Learn more about how we can help.

Check out some recent success stories.

What we do

ACT SAT SAT Subject Tests AP Exams SSAT ISEE

Need more than test prep?  We also offer…

•   Study skills and organization
•   Mindset training to build confidence
•   Test anxiety/stress management coaching
•   Accommodations consulting
•   Advice on test selection and recommendations on testing schedule

Our program

CreatedForYou•   There isn’t one and that’s awesome!  We create a custom plan for every student.

•   In most cases, we recommend 10-15 sessions before taking the test, though that number can vary based on individual needs.  We don’t require a commitment to a certain number of sessions either, so you pay for only what you use.

•   Anticipate one-to-two hours of homework after each session.  More may be appropriate in some situations, and we encourage as much practice as possible.

•   We stay informed regarding the latest in educational research. We innovate our methods to best serve students.

•   Parents receive tutor’s notes after each session to keep them apprised of progress and homework assignments.  With permission, notes may also be sent to anyone else on your child’s “team,” including teachers, therapists and other tutors.

• We offer as an option the Mindprint Learning Assessment so students can get even more from tutoring sessions. Learn more here and here.

How online tutoring works

•   Video chat allows for face-to-face communication.

•   We use an online whiteboard for doing math and note taking (doodling is encouraged if it helps maintain focus!).

•   All notes and practice materials are stored in the cloud for easy access (and no more lost notebooks!).

•   Yes, attention-challenged students can handle it.  Our tutors know when a student is “zoning out,” and will allow breaks as needed to help maximize learning.

•   Online tutoring allows your busy student to attend sessions anywhere, & we can work with a student’s schedule.

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